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for Dive Professionals


Best product on the market for Pros, at the lowest rate



Austria, Germany and Switzerland: € 80.17

Personal Accident Insurance

  • Worldwide dive accident insurance
  • Travel insurance for non-diving emergencies abroad
  • Free accident insurance for your dive students


Austria, Germany and Switzerland: € 149

Accident insurance, Professional Liability and Legal Protection

  • €4,000,000 Professional Liability cover, including Legal Defence
  • Worldwide dive accident insurance
  • Travel insurance for non-diving emergencies abroad
  • Free accident insurance for your dive students
For renewed PADI members only

Purchase of professional liability may not be available to people residing in countries outside the EU, EEA, Switzerland, Egypt, and Maldives. For more information, please contact DAN.




  • Alarm Centre and management of medical emergencies 24/7 » Total cost
  • Emergency medical evacuation » Total cost
  • Worldwide emergency medical treatment,hyperbaric therapy and hospitalization included » Total cost
  • Search & rescue of the missing diver (cave diving included) » Up to €10,000
  • Medical repatriation of the convalescing diver » Total cost
  • Specialized medical treatment,including rehabilitation and post – traumatic stress treatment, up to 30 days from date of incident » Total cost
  • Daily allowance for hospital stay during therapy » Up to €50 – inpatient. [Outpatient: for DCI only]
  • Loss or damage of own or rescuers’ diving equipment,only following an indemnifiable own or 3rd party diving accident » Up to €2,500
  • Extra hotel & travel costs following a diving accident » Up to €5,000
  • Permanent disability » Up to €100,000
  • Any prosthesis necessary after an insured injury » Up to €1,000
  • Death benefit » Up to €6,000
  • Repatriation of the deceased » Total cost
  • Non-professional liability (included for residents of Spain only) » €150,000 (or up to the limit required by the local Autonomous Community)



  • Emergency medical evacuation » Total cost
  • First medical assessment costs, even w/out hospitalization » Total cost
  • Medical expenses for inpatient care, irrespective of number of days in care » Up to €15,000
  • Medical expenses for outpatient care » Up to €500
  • Medical repatriation of the convalescing diver » Total cost
  • Repatriation of the deceased » Total cost


  • Roundtrip travel ticket for one person to reach the insured in case of hospitalization » Up to €2,500
  • Escorted return of minor children » Up to €5,000
  • Additional return expensesfor the insured and / or travel companion » Up to €2,000
  • Interpretation assistance » Total cost


Free cover for UNLIMITED number of dive students [up to the PADI Divemaster (or equivalent) level and excluding technical diving courses]

  • Alarm Centre and management of medical emergencies 24/7 » Total cost
  • Worldwide emergency medical treatment & medical evacuation » Up to €15,000
  • Search & rescue of the missing diver » Up to €2,500 [as part of the worldwide emergency medical treatment limit]


Death extension
You can increase by either € 25,000.00 or € 50,000.00 the cover limit in case of death due to a diving accident.
This extension does not apply to technical dives.
Cost (incl. taxes)

    • € 25,000 death extension = € 33.60
    • € 50,000 death extension = € 56.00

Travel No-Limits
You can extend the duration of the cover for non-diving emergencies abroad to the whole membership period (one year).
Cost (incl. taxes)

    • € 438.00

Benefits for your family
You can include your family members (partner and/or children) into your cover for non-diving emergencies abroad.
Cost (incl. taxes)

    • 90 days coverage for up to 3 family members = € 42.00
    • 365 days coverage for up to 3 family members = € 438.00

Please read carefully the insurance policy and the insurance product information document.

All insurance plans are distributed by IDA Insurance Limited (C-36602) (“IDA”), an insurance undertaking licensed under the Insurance Business Act (Chapter 403 of the Laws of Malta) and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”). IDA operates throughout the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) under the freedom of services authorisation.

IDA forms part of the Divers Alert Network (“DAN”) Europe Foundation Group, an international non-profit medical and research organisation dedicated to the safety and health of divers. IDA handles and guarantees the best diving insurance services within the DAN Europe territories.

Insurance cover special features

Professional Indemnity and Personal Accident Insurance valid all year round

Access to the renowned DAN specialised multilingual hotline

Unlimited cover in case of hyperbaric treatment and repatriation

Additional assistance and cover provided for non-diving medical emergencies abroad

Additional insurance cover for dive accidents involving students attending PADI courses

For Emergency assistance, or any other matter not related to this insurance product, please visit


1. Who can purchase this PADI-endorsed DAN Europe insurance?

Only PADI members who have renewed for the current year.

2. What kind of coverage will I obtain from this plan?

  • Diving medical emergencies – worldwide, for 365 days.
  • Non-diving medical emergencies – only when you travel abroad, for max. 90 days a year.
  • Professional liability (optional) – compatible with PADI-EMEA requirements, valid worldwide except in the USA and Canada.

Note: if you reside outside of the European Economic Area, Egypt or Maldives, professional liability may not be available. Please get in touch for information on your country.

3. Is a standard travel insurance included other than the diving insurance?

  • This plan features a coverage for non-diving related medical emergencies abroad, but it is not comparable to a standard travel or health insurance. Please read the insurance policy and the cover limits for more information.
  • You are not required to let us know whenever you travel outside of your country of residence.

4. How does this PADI-endorsed plan differ from the standard DAN Europe Pro Plans?

Same great coverage as the Pro Silver, with some important differences:

  • free accident coverage for your students up to divemaster course (Pro Silver: up to OWD);
  • free accident coverage for an unlimited number of students (Pro Silver: max. 40 students per year);
  • more convenient price;
  • specifically designed for PADI EMEA members.

5. I am already a DAN Europe member. Can I switch from my current plan to this one?

  • Yes, provided that the residual value of your current insurance is lower than the cost of the new plan.
  • To check whether you can update your insurance, try and purchase this plan via your account.

6. Will my students benefit from dive accident coverage?

Yes, provided that:

  • you register them on your MyDAN before the course starts;
  • they are attending one of the following PADI courses: DSD, OWD, AOWD, Specialties, Rescue, Divemaster, Basic Freediver, Freediver, Advanced Freediver, Master freediver; or equivalent courses under other training agencies.

7. Does my professional liability insurance stay valid if I am not registering any student?

Yes, it does stay valid. Whether you decide or not to provide your students with an insurance coverage, this does not affect your professional liability insurance.

8. Is my insurance valid in the US and Canada?

  • The accident cover is valid worldwide, including the USA and Canada. E.g.: if you suffer from a dive accident in the United States, your medical expenses will be covered according to your policy.
  • The professional liability cover is not applicable in all jurisdictions of United States of America or Canada. E.g.: if you are sued in the United States of America or Canada, your policy will not cover.

9. I work and dive abroad. Which country of residence shall I indicate on my profile?

  • The country where you are registered as a permanent resident, which is not necessarily the one where you happen to work or dive.
  • This is the country where you will be repatriated, if required.

10. What to do in case of emergency?

11. How to file a claim?

Once the acute phase of your medical emergency is over, please follow these instructions to file a claim.